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A high proportion of adults can’t swim at all, or can’t swim well enough to jump in the deep end after their children! We offer 1-2-1 and group swimming lessons for adults of all ages who want to learn from scratch or simply improve confidence and technique and benefit from this fabulous and fun way to stay fit and healthy.

Group lessons are 30 minute sessions and 1-2-1 lessons at pre-booked times at Hereford Leisure Pool, Ledbury Swimming Pool, Leominster Leisure Centre and Ross Swimming Pool. Both allow you to progress at your own rate but offer the perfect springboard into independent, confident swimming. 

We are currently running FREE adult swimming lessons funded by Herefordshire Council. These FREE courses will be delivered to small groups of adults aged 16+ at Halo pools at Hereford Leisure Pool, Leominster Leisure Centre, Ross Swimming Pool and Ledbury Swimming Pool. With a patient instructor by your side we’ll help you become confident and competent in the pool. We’ll take things as slow as you want as you rediscover the joy of water and the power within you to swim. And you will.

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Group lessons monthly, by direct debit £39 £33.80 £29.45 (17-24 years) £29.45
1-2-1 lesson monthly, by direct debit £120.55 £108.80 £80.35 (17- 24 years) £80.35

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Contact your local Halo pool for availability and bookings.

Before you start any type of exercise please read our Health Commitment Statement