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Highley Mini Minors Toddler Group

On Wednesdays 9.30am - 11.30am (during term time) at the Severn Centre you will find the Highley Mini Minors Toddler Group.

This session is great for little ones up to 5 years to play with different equipment and interact with other children, and their parent or guardian to socialise with other pareutns and guardians with a tea or coffee which is included in the session price of £1.50 per family.

WANT A PIECE OF THE ACTION? Call us on 01746 860 000


Severn centre playroom


Any time the Severn Centre is open, the play room is open. Pop in for as long as you want for just 50p.

Explore, enjoy, play, read books, sing rhymes and above all HAVE FUN :)


Sesson: Friday play time!

Come along to the cafe meeting area and play room for a 90 minute play, chat and chill.

Fortnightly on a FRIDAY:

Time: 9.30-11am

Tea, coffee, squash and a slice of toast - £1