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Getting Active Early - Halo Helps!

This year we will be taking you through the inspirational stories of some of our amazing members. Including stories of weight loss, radical life changes and just plain old getting active again...

Fred trains at Ledbury Swimming Pool, using the gym to get active, which helps him feel better and be better at street dance, one of his passions.


Fred Says:

“The staff are really nice, like when you come in they recognise you and then you know youre wanted and what not."

And when i had the induction it was really helpful, because when I first joined I didnt really know what was going on, so after the induction I felt like I knew everything and knew what to do so it was really easy to get going and started.

I like the gym a lot because it I feel like it boosts my self confidence a lot, as well as my physical abilities. And I do street dance, so when I use the gym it helps me to get fit and healthy for that too as well as just general life."

Check out the video above to see Fred talking us through his experience and how Halo has helped him.

Stay tuned for some more inspiring stories. Maybe you will be featured one day? Let us know, how has Halo helped you? use the hashtag #HaloHelps

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