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Keeping our stories coming about how Halo has helped you to good health. This month we meet Roy Thomas, 77, who says we’ve helped him create the best sort of retirement….

Roy’s always a welcome face at Bridgend Life Centre, pretty much every and any day of the week. When he’s not studying in the local library (computer courses mostly) he’s a regular in the gym and our group exercise studio,and uses his love of exercise to help raise funds for charities. We asked him how and why he came to maximise the benefits of his Halo membership.

“When you finish working after 30 or 40 years in a job it can be a tough transition. Many people find they are looking for a reason to get up and do something. It is too easy to find yourself going downhill, going ‘to seed’. I didn’t want that to be my experience.

“I’d kept in good health because of my work and played basketball and done some road running in my spare time. So, when I hit 60 and the prospect of retirement the Bridgend Life Centre seemed a good place to start.  The instructors were so helpful, introducing me to routines in the gym I might like. I started on the treadmill, worked my way round other apparatus. But it was the exercise classes I really loved; group cycling (I'm in those sessions six times a week now, starting with the Monday class!) and Pilates (three times a week) which is great for keeping your joints healthy. When I was 67 I did the Cardiff Half Marathon and we raised about £500 for the local hospital.

“That’s the thing with exercise. It’s not only good for you, it gives you the chance to do something good for other people, and not only by fundraising. I am 77 now and must be the oldest in the indoor cycling class, but I’ve been able to spread the word about the benefits to others, too. We created a YouTube video about Bridgend’s Ageing Well initiative, and it has had hundreds of hits.  I hope, too, I can share that message with the people I meet. I’ve encouraged others to try Pilates and indoor group cycling. I want to let them see that this is not just about physical fitness – not just something you have to do to prevent problems – but something that is an end in itself because of the way it makes you feel. After every class you feel good, feel you have achieved something, and feel motivated to do more. There is real joy in the experience. When I come home the first thing I do is pack my kit for the next day.”

Well done for all your amazing effort Roy, and all you others out there getting active regularly, keep it up.

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