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Keeping our stories coming about how Halo has helped you to good health. This time we meet Ellen McGrath, 79, who says we’ve helped her stay active and well during this tough lockdown period….

“When the News was reporting that there was a chance that older people would have to self isolate for 12 weeks, my family and I made the decision that I would go live with them until it was all over. 

Normally I try to keep myself active and walk every day but as I have a heart condition and am recovering from breast cancer I have followed the Government's advice and stayed indoors. My granddaughter has enjoyed the daily PE sessions with Joe Wicks and seeing my daughter take part in Halo’s group exercise class videos, I thought I would give them a go myself. 

I was a bit nervous to begin with as it’s been a long time since I did any proper exercise. But I needn’t have been worried - physiotherapists and experienced instructors have put the classes together especially for older people. The exercises are all gentle and don’t get me too out of breath especially the chair sessions when you sit down.

I feel better for doing them and definitely think they are doing me some good. Halo has introduced me to a new way to keep active and who knows when this is all over I might have the confidence to go along to a fitness class at my local leisure centre or even start swimming again which is something I used to love to do”

Ellen McGrath, aged 79, Ross-On-Wye

Well done for all your effort to stay active Ellen, and all you others out there getting active regularly when you can, stay safe and keep it up.

Ellen McGrath Blog

Stay tuned for some more inspiring stories. Maybe you will be featured one day? Let us know, how has Halo helped you? use the hashtag #HaloHelps

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