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With national MS awareness week here, we thought it would be great to highlight one of our super members Judy, and how she uses our facilities to manage her MS and activity levels. 

Here is Judy's story of developing Multiple sclerosis and making a health comeback through swimming and keeping active:

“When I am swimming the light on the water opens up my field of vision, like I can see properly again. When I manage to complete 20 lengths, I feel such a buzz, matching what I used to do before the diagnosis.

“A lot has changed since I joined Halo 19 years ago. I lost an eye in an accident some time back, and then a few years ago was diagnosed with MS which has left me weaker on one side of my body. Halo have been so supportive through this adjustment. So, while I now have to walk with a stick, I swim for 30 minutes six days a week.

“There is something lovely about the pool, about gliding up and down. It not only loosens up my muscles (the MS leaves them tight and stiff), it builds my strength and keeps me supple and so reduces the risk of falls. I know, too, that being fit and strong helps to minimise the side effects of the treatment I am on. How I feel as I am exercising, helps me gauge how I am managing the condition, and so aware when I might need more help.

“You know, the funny thing is I think I am fitter now than before I was diagnosed with MS. And I’ve also come to appreciate the power of exercise on the mind. It is easy with a condition like MS to become withdrawn and resentful, but I’ve made lots of new friends here, and without the staff I don’t know where I’d be. I’ve learned that life can be fab, if you allow it to be….”

Well done for all your effort to stay active Judy, it never gets any easier, escpecially in your case with the health battles you have been through so keep it up! And all you others out there getting active regularly when you can, stay safe and keep moving. Hopefully when we get back to normal you will all be motivated like Judy to get swiming and live an active lifestyle.

 If you know someone with MS or want to find out more then check out their website:

Stay tuned for some more inspiring stories. Maybe you will be featured one day? Let us know, how has Halo helped you? use the hashtag #HaloHelps

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