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National Learn to Swim Day is here on the third Saturday in May and is dedicated to educating parents and children about water safety, although a little different this year...

Are you all missing the pools and regular swimming? Of course we are... this post will give you some inspiration to keep going so we can soon get back in our favourite pools and get swimming again, as well as some tips to stay fit whilst we are still in lockdown.

We know kids swimming lessons especially are a massive part of development and for safety in general, so do what you can to keep moving and let's hope we can be back doing lengths with our favourite instructors soon. We had over 14,000 kids on our learn to swim programmes last year! Hopefully 2021 will be bigger and better.

Training tips - Exercises to keep your body fit for swimming (click here)

Check out this great article showing you a range of exercise you can do to strengthen the muscles that are important for swimming.


Halo's Autism friendly swimming lessons.

A learn to swim success story - learning this life skill is not just for kids - see John's story below :)

All the best, stay active and stay safe.

Halo Team :)