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Halo helps keep me young (and close to my brother!)

Men's Health Week raises awareness of the health issues that affect men disproportionately and focuses on getting men to become more aware of health problems they may have or could develop and gain the courage to do something about it.  

Check out our latest story from Tony in Ross-On-Wye, he keeps active with his brother, both keeping each other accountable. We know health is much more than fitness, but a lot of the time a healthy body can create a healthy mind!

“I used to be pretty active when I was young, and then the kids came along and of course priorities changed. Ferrying them around to activities meant my own exercise routine took a back seat. I am sure there are thousands of dad’s around the country who can relate to this. At the same time my brother and I had to give up rowing (our favourite sport) because we both developed arthritis, and both ended up having hip resurfacing replacement. And then the weight crept on…

“The thing is neither of us feel old inside, but everything was telling us we had to take better care of our health. And we do. Look at us now! We decided to join the gym and work out together, and to watch our diet. We still enjoy a pint and a pie, but we’re sensible. We swim together once a week and, while rowing the river might not be on the cards, we both go to the gym and work out on the rowing machines, encouraging each other to keep going and to get fit. We feel good, and it feels like the good old days - just without the Lycra!”

Tony, 55

Ofcourse we look forward to the day we are allowed to open our amazing centres again so you can all use our facilities to keep active and sustain a level of mental wellbeing you all deserve.

All the best, stay well, stay active.

Halo Team :)

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